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Samhainn Abhainn - Scary Woods Walk

Belleekwoods, Ballina
25 September 2014

Samhainn Abhainn is the rediscovery of a uniquely Irish Halloween. This pagan festival was first celebrated by the Celts as far back as 100AD and has been revisited in Ballina.

We have been working hard to put together some of the scariest and most creepy back drops we could imagine to make this years event particularly gruesome. There have been some amazing and totally bizarre developments along the way. Paul's dinosaur suit is an absolute work of art, Ciaran's stilt monster is another. From headless women, the bloody butchers stall (trading in some very suspect produce), the field of ghosts, giant bat creatures and bloody torsos to the lanterns lining trees and strange sounds emanating from the woods. We have been very busy at scaring passers by.

It has been great fun and hope those who came along enjoyed it as much as we did. Please take some time to check out the photos taken in the gallery section for this event here.


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