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I Could Read the Sky

13 April 2013

Click here to see the video on Irish TV.

We were privileged to be involved in a project at Ballycroy National Park. For three weeks it has been a hive of artistic activity during March/April 2013. Mayo Art Squad have being working in collaboration with the Good Dead Guides (UK) as well as invited Irish based artists on an EU funded art project ‘I Could Read the Sky’. The creative brief was to highlight the habitat of the Atlantic blanket bog of the Ballycroy National Park. Using organic and recycled materials and a variety of different art mediums, 28 artists reflected the landscape’s flora and fauna, mythology and habitation.

As a prelude to the main event, an evening session of music, dance and fun called 'The Rambling House' took place in Ballycroy community hall on Wednesday 10th April. Visitors and locals alike were privy to preview some of the work, such as Vanessa's 'chilling' snorkeling footage.

The Daithí Bán trail was turned into an out door art gallery. Some of the artist’s who positioned work outside included:

  1. Martin Brockman woven wood deer sculptures. (Dead Good Guides)
  2. Lindsay McConnell woven wood waterdog and pup. (Artsquad)
  3. Tommy Casby exodus. (Freelance Artist)
  4. Aidan Crotty camera obscura. (Artsquad)
  5. Paul O' Driscoll zoetrope Prototype. (Artsquad)
  6. Louisa Sloan auto shelter. (Artsquad)
  7. Dan Fox wind sound effect sculptures. (Dead Good Guides)
  8. Jamie Proud collection of spinning bird installations. (Dead Good Guides)
  9. Naomi Edwards great colourful flags. (Dead Good Guides)
  10. Urs Harttung windmills and kites workshops (Artsquad)
  11. Adam Florian bird named wind socks. (Artsquad)
  12. Shane Gannon nature cut-outs. (Artsquad)
  13. Mick Smyth whirligigs and whale bones. (Artsquad)
  14. Jodi Coyne  bog bolg. (Artsquad)
  15. Pat Youell petrified bog faces and insect specimens. (RTC)
  16. Breda Murphy clothes-line of Daithi Ban, a mythical giant who lived in the mountains. (Freelance Artist)
  17. Jim Mulroy map and signage (Artsquad)

The visitor centre housed the more delicate art pieces. Some of the artist’s interior positioned work included:

  1. Bríd Kivneen silk paintings of native animals. (Artsquad)
  2. Hannah Fox paper trees and paper houses. (Dead Good Guides)
  3. Vanessa Daws film of swimming in local bog pools. (Freelance Artist)
  4. Barbara Trawinski landscape sketches using burn gorse charcoal. (Artsquad)
  5. John Fox’s weather vein paintings of the pieces on the trail. (Dead Good Guides)
  6. Nichole Francis research of natural dyes collected from plants native to Ballycroy. (Artsquad)
  7. Collette Howley paper making results from locally sourced natural materials. (Artsquad)
  8. John mc Fadden music coordinator (Artsquad)

We would like say a huge thanks to the local Ballycroy community for all their support. As well as the staff at the Ballycroy National Park Visitor Centre.


Completion Date: 2013-04-15

The weekend was a resounding success, despite the prevailing rain and 70km winds. The Artists and the organisers pulled out all the stops to put a fantastic show on the road.


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